Sunsport coaching Sports Performance Hub

SunSport Performance Hub offers; Yoga,Pilates,coach led cycle turbo training classes and a variety of strength and conditioning classes designed to challenge and inspire. Our professional instructors are experienced athletes who understand the demands of life and sport and the art of teaching. All of our classes take place in the basement level hub. Our classes are small so you can expect 101 attention and results !
Sports testing services

Maximise your potential and gain that competitive edge

Our Performance hub is an addition to our Manchester Sports performance analysis lab. Here our qualified sports scientists/coaches undertake professional bike fitting, Blood lactate testing, Power analysis (cycle ergometer).

packages include health screening and strength and conditioning assessments
Nutrition and Wellness

Our holistic approach to health and performance starts with Nutrition. For lasting results any program should start here!

Whether you are looking to lose weight, improve health and excel in sporting competition Allie understands is there to support you, her holistic approach stems from training in nutrition, naturopathy and musculoskeletal therapy bringing together a different angle to food, training and recovery.

Preventative approaches and expert treatment of injuries ensures athletes consistency in training
Injury rehabilitation

Identifying and treating the cause of your problems is our aim

Our treatment and rehab programmes are designed to get you moving normally and back to full fitness. Laura treats a wide variety of musculoskeletal conditions ranging from every day aches and pains, and postural dysfunction through to sports injuries. Her approach to rehabilitation is an holistic one with an emphasis on factors such as nutrition, sleep and stress. She uses a variety of different treatment modalities to achieve results with her clients.

optimum performance is achieved when you are strong and remain injury free
Strength and Conditioning

Remaining injury free and performing optimally requires good all round conditioning

Become leaner, stronger and improve consistency with our expert coach. Mike offers weekly group classes and 1-1 bespoke sessions. Whether you are working your way back to fitness, beginning a new program or trying to find that marginal gain our S and C sessions will guide you to improved performance and help you achieve your long term goals.

Group classes

We also have a selection of stand alone classes to get your fit! Turbo training classes, Pilates and yoga…book now


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